Animals that Naturally Mow Your Lawn

We all love to take care of our garden and lawn as they provide aesthetically appealing sight. Of course, having a garden and especially a lawn requires maintenance and effort as an owner. When it comes to maintenance, you need to do different tasks like watering, fertilizing, aeration, and mowing. Here, we will be going to talk about mowing and how can you make it eco-friendlier and more sustainable.

There are two ways on how to do mowing – manual and automatic through the use of machines. On the one hand, there are cons in using the latter. It requires equipment, and it can also be noisy and a bit destructive to the environment. Of course, this is oftentimes used especially when you hire lawn mowing service companies. On the other hand, the former can be a bit messy but efficient, and you can even achieve this through your pets!

1.Guinea pigs

They are cute, adorable, and although they are very small, they can make a serious change in your lawn as a family or group. One guinea pig alone can eat grass five times its body weight. They like to feed on grasses and their sharp teeth equip them to do so. You can have them as pets, while they maintain the grasses on your lawn


Chickens are wonderful animals. They give a lot of advantages for you. They lay eggs, feed on insects that can infest your plants, provide poop as a natural fertilizer when dried, and eat your tall grass that can serve as lawn maintenance – all in one! Another amazing fact about chicken is that the more they feed on grass, the better the quality their eggs become.


Making goats as pets has become popular now. These cute little guys are also known as the beast in the garden because they feed on your greens. They feed on leaves, twigs, brush, and more.


Yes, you can also have a sheep pet and let it mow in your yard. In fact, they are a traditional choice for lawn maintenance. Just like the chicken, they also serve many purposes due to their milk and wool. Unlike the goat that can sometimes be unruly, sheep are more behaved and more ideal for petting.


If you live in a city and petting sheep and goat is not an ideal choice, you can opt to choose rabbits. Yes, we know that rabbits feed on carrots. Well, this is not the only food they eat; they also eat grass. Your pet bunnies cam manage a small area at a time. And because they are cute, small, and easy to maintain, rabbits can be ideal for urban lawns


What we have given you are the five animals that can be used both as pets and as natural lawnmowers. Hiring a company mowing service and/or using a machine mower does not cause serious damage, but it is always better to choose green in doing our house and lawn maintenance. There is so much fun looking at your pets enjoying their time in your lawn while at the same time maintaining it.